Man Enough - Episode 1 pic.jpg

Justin Baldoni actor, director, social entrepreneur and co-founder of Wayfarer Entertainment is challenging men to engage in redefining masculinity and figuring out ways to not just be good men, but good humans. Baldoni may be best known for his role as Rafael in "Jane the Virgin" and his ultra-successful Ted Talk

Along with guests like, The Daily Show's, Hasan Minhaj, John Legend, Prince Ea, Derek Hough, currently the host for the popular dance competition show, "The World of Dance", Javier Munoz from the smash Broadway hit, "Hamilton" and Matt McGorry of "Orange is the New Black"; Baldoni is challenging guys to redefine male stereotypes like strength, bravery, and toughness through his new talk show "Man Enough". Watch Episode 1 Here.

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