Want resources to help create change for healthier and safer relationships ?

You’ve come to the right place.


10 Ideas to Get You Started**

  1. Start and participate in a social media campaign to promote #loveshouldnthurt and healthy relationships.

  2. Choose topics from the following list to research and write a blog article or create a presentation for your school or class:

    Healthy Relationships

    Dating Violence

    Sexual Violence and Consent

    Family Violence

    Sexual Harassment

    Victim Blaming

    The Media & the Internet

    The Influence of Boys & Men on the prevention of violence against women and girls

    Role models

  3. Prepare a short video that explores one aspect of violence against women and girls.

  4. Work together with friends/or a class to raise funds for a local women’s shelter, Aboriginal organization or other organization that addresses violence against women and girls.

  5. Identify ways to make your school/campus safer for women and girls and implement one of your proposed solutions.

  6. Screen a video related to violence against women and girls and initiate a discussion about the issues explored.

  7. Invite a guest speaker from a local service or organization to talk to students about challenges facing female victims of violence and what can be done to help them.

  8. Create a #thatsnotlove #thatslove wall in a public place in your school or community. (PS…ask for permission first!)

  9. Brainstorm ideas with friends/classmates about what can be done to help stop violence against women and girls.

  10. Create a visual art piece or collage depicting what a health relationship means to you.

    **”Ten Ideas” adapted from Status of Women Canada https://www.swc-cfc.gc.ca/commemoration/vaw-vff/activities-activites-en.html?wbdisable=true


10 Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship

10 Most Common Signs pg 1 (1).png
10 mOST Common Signs pg.2.png