Women survivors of violence need a wide network of support to create a future of healing and hope.

About Us


The Violence Prevention Coordinating Council (VPCC) of Durham is a community network of organizations, agencies and individuals committed to the prevention, detection, prosecution and treatment of all forms of violence and abuse against women, children and the elderly.

We work together to create a coordinated, proactive and responsive community for families and individuals who have experienced abuse or violence in any form including, domestic violence, sexual assault and child or elder abuse.


Our Mission

Working together as a community to end violence and abuse against women, children and seniors throughout the Durham Region. Committed to providing education, awareness, intervention, detection, prosecution and treatment of all forms of abuse and violence.

Our Vision

To provide a forum for members of the community to develop strategies, protocols, standards, procedures and improvements that assist survivors navigating the service delivery system in Durham.

To ensure that all policy development and service delivery reflects the voices, experience and reality of woman abuse survivors.

To create opportunities for survivor’s voices to be heard regarding the delivery of services and to ensure that feedback influences best practices.

To promote cooperation among community partners that results in best practices to meet the needs of survivors.

To advocate for improved prevention, recognition and responses to survivors of abuse and violence.

To provide leadership in education, resources and awareness of abuse and violence to the Durham Region, including those at risk.

Ending violence against women has been the vision of the Violence Prevention Coordinating Council (VPCC) since 1983 when a growing recognition of violence and abuse against women spurred a community response from concerned agencies, organizations and individuals.  

Since that time, the VPCC has grown to include over 30 service providers and agencies - each playing an important role to end and prevent violence in all its forms.

VPCC member agencies have been recognized as leaders across Canada for pioneering innovative approaches within several sectors, including:

  • Sexual Assault Care
  • Legal/Judicial Support
  • Policing
  • Survivor Engagement

Our History

Members work together as a comprehensive network for the purpose of consultation and case conferencing to discuss the issues that impact and arise for domestic violence survivors – particularly women, children and seniors and to coordinate and develop effective solutions and responses.

We come together once a month to discuss projects, policies, cases, what’s working and what needs to be improved to ensure we are providing a seamless, proactive and coordinated response.

Representation is encouraged from service providers both geographically and throughout the service sector for agencies, individuals and organizations who subscribe to the VPCC’s vision, mission and objectives.















Are you in immediate danger? Please call 911.

The VPCC does not have onsite staff and cannot provide immediate or emergency services.

If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, please visit our

Resources-Crisis Support page.

In non-emergency situations, please see our Member Directory for information on support services for women, children & seniors.