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The following post is from Marilyn Evans, Founder, Parents Aware

Your voice matters

I have a really important request to ask of you.

This past week, CIND FM/Indie88 Toronto enthusiastically told their audience they were doing a promotional video with Pornhub, extolling the health benefits of pornography.

Unbelievable! … and yet, not.

Like many stations targeting high-school/college-age demographic, the hosts here play the role of can’t-quite-learn-to-adult.

Sometimes charming. Usually wreckless. Today, dangerous.

The hosts keep themselves in the Neverland-type mentality—blissfully unaware there is a real-world outside their studio personas.

In that real world, pornography fuels hurt, pain, and confusion.

It perpetuates gender stereotypes, violence against women, and abuse of children.

These things should never be sanctioned on the air. (Or anywhere for that matter.)

In reviewing the broadcasters' code of ethics, I believe this Toronto radio station has crossed a line.

All the details in my latest post, Radio Station Promotes Pornhub: 3 Simple Ways to Take Action

If you agree, join me in sending a formal complaint to the CBSC and to CIND FM/Indie 88 Toronto.

Five minutes today will help safeguard quality future standards.

I'm asking you to spread this message across Canada. Please share this postwith friends and family.

Warm regards,


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