Summer Bucket List

This is a reprint from a previous post but I thought it was worth sharing again. Hope you enjoy!

So here we are again... those lazy, hazy days of summer. Actually, I find there's not a lot of the lazy thing happening. The world keeps turning and some things never slow down and stop.- regardless of the season.

Like, violence against women.

Summer is a time when abuse and violence against women and children may escalate. Shelters often report an uptake in domestic violence during summer months. Stress due to children being around more, hot summer temperatures and an increase in alcohol and drug abuse can all add to an abusive partner's existing behaviour and may contribute to the need for shelter services.

I bet you're thinking, "What can be done during this time of year to keep the #loveshouldnthurt message moving forward?"

Funny you should ask, because I have an idea.

Why not create a violence prevention Summer Bucket List? A list of things that you, your friends and family can do to make a difference in your home, workplace and communities.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

1. SPEAK UP!  At this time of year there are lots more social gatherings; BBQ's, pool parties, family picnics, get together's at the cottage and just relaxing with family and friends. No matter what the situation, it's never okay to speak about women in derogatory or demeaning ways. If you hear someone using abusive language or putting women down in any way...SPEAK UP! You can say something in a non-confrontational way. "It's wrong to speak about women that way. It's not okay."

Sometimes people just need to be reminded and you may be surprised by how many others feel the same way and were just waiting for someone like you to say something.

2. GET INVOLVED During Christmas and other holiday seasons, shelters receive much appreciated help through donations, supplies, gift cards and products for women and children. Shelters are often full to capacity during the summer resulting in an increased need for help from the community.

Get together with your family or neighbours to organize a garage sale and donate the proceeds to your local shelter. It can be a fun way to work together to benefit the lives of women and children.

3. LEARN NEW THINGS Take the time this summer to learn more about violence against women; how it impacts individuals, families and your community, and how you can help. Here's a great website with ideas on educating kids about gender equality, non violence and violence against women and girls. It's a great place to learn about those issues for yourself as well.

4. READ MORE  When you want to relax by the pool or the deck - take a book to read. Unwind with fiction, non-fiction, or any other type of read that you love, but for your Bucket List, choose ones that promote healthy relationships, respect and gender equality. Share your reading list with others.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with a Summer Bucket list that will make a difference for you and for others.

Share your list or ideas on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook - using the hashtag #loveshouldnthurt #loveshouldnthurtdurham

That's it for now - I don't want to keep you too long. You've got a bucket to fill.

Have a great and safe summer!!

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