Internet Safety

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Normally I don't re-post from another page on our website - but this is something I think is worth repeating so, just in case you missed it on the #loveshouldnthurt page - here is a great guide on Internet Safety for Women. 

"...while 70% of women believe online harassment to be a major problem, not many know how to prevent it." vpn mentor

I'm really excited about this Internet Safety Guide published by VPN Mentor, authorities on web privacy. 

As we know, online tools used for abuse and harassment of women, are social media platforms. More than ever before, women are experiencing threatening messages, being tracked, sent unwanted sexually explicit images, and having their privacy invaded.

This guide empowers women to navigate the internet in safety and without fear. There's tons of information, tips and advice, regarding harassment - "on social media, at work, while dating and more...and how women can take control." vpn mentor

Check it out and be sure to share it with all the women you know.

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