"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant." Anonymous.

Spring is coming - I promise! After such a long winter we're all looking forward to it.

It's an exciting time of renewal, regeneration, and new beginnings. It's also a time for planting seeds. Seeds that bring hope for a better future - hope for change.

This past month, our community was rocked yet again, with the senseless loss of Three. More. Lives. Three lives violently taken in the name of "love".  

Even with the current movements of #metoo, #timesup, #itsneverokay, #pressforprogress and our very own #loveshouldnhurt, at times like this, it's difficult to feel like we are making the slightest bit of difference or progress. Regardless of the ongoing work and effort to help women whose lives are impacted by abuse and violence, every day, in every community - it's still not enough.

This month, we are calling on men to take the lead for planting the seeds necessary for real change. We need your leadership, your voice and your action to ensure that #loveshouldnthurt - that it will stop hurting so many women and children.

We need ordinary, everyday guys - our friends, husbands, brothers, relatives, neighbours, coworkers and colleagues to let others know that "It's Never Okay!". The infographic below might give you ideas on where to start - or click Here and Here for more information about what you can do.

#loveshouldnthurt Resource 3.png

Let us know what you are doing to plant seeds of change. Share with us here, on Twitter or Facebook. Tag us using #loveshouldnthurt #vpccdurham #loveshouldnthurtdurham @vpcc8 and please share this message with other men like yourself.