7 Inspiring Films Every Woman (and Man) Should Watch This Summer

Here it is the middle of August and only 131 days until Christmas. (Sorry for that.) 

Last year at the beginning of the summer I did some reviews and gave suggestions on flicks that were focused on violence against women. So I thought that I'd make it an annual thing and keep it going. 

I apologize that it's a little later this year but there's still summer left, so here you go...

For the last while I have been working on the principle of being brave, so this year's films look through the lens of women's strength and courage.

You may be familiar with some of these films but I thought they're worth a replay. So put on some comfy caj, invite your gal pals over, (it would be great to let the men in your life watch too), get your favourite snacks and be prepared to be inspired.

Hmmmm....I think I feel like watching a movie now...


A great, non-fiction story of keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Antonina and Jan Zabinski, who smuggled hundreds of Jewish people out of the Warsaw Ghetto during the German invasion of Poland. After her husband is taken by the Nazis, Antonina is left to the extremely risky operation on her own.

#2 THE HELP (iTunes)

Set in civil rights Mississippi, The Help is a film about shared bravery and courage. A young, southern society girl returns from college, determined to make her mark as a writer. The focus of her first story?...Black maids who raise the children of prominent white families in her hometown.

A story that has it all...humanity, heartbreak and humour. 

#3 STILL ALICE (Netflix)

An award-winning film about a renowned, linguistics professor, wife and mother of three grown children who comes face to face with a devastating diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. The film gives a glimpse into the life of this strong and courageous woman and her family, as they battle heartbreak and fear through her struggles to hang onto a sense of self for as long as possible.


Inspired by a true story, this film captures the courage and fearlessness of Josey Aimes, a single, divorced mom who needs a "man's pay" to take care of her family. She goes to work at a local iron mine, where she and a handful of other female miners endure sexual harassment from male co-workers. She filed and won the USA's first-ever, class action lawsuit for sexual harassment.

#5 MOANA (Netflix)

Not just another love struck Disney princess, Moana is a young, courageous girl who takes on a journey to rescue her home, family and village. The adventure includes overcoming many obstacles and helps her to become a "master way finder". ("Way finding is not just sails and knots...it's seeing where you are going in your mind and knowing where you are by where you've been.") 


This film centres on three African-American women whose brilliant mathematical and scientific minds are integral to the success of John Glen's orbit of the earth and beating the Soviet Union into space.  At a time when Virginia's segregation laws are still very much adhered to...the women consistently out-think their higher-ranked (usually white, male) colleagues at NASA, "whether by learning a new programming language, solving problems in wind-tunnel experiments, or calculating narrow launch windows for space missions. Each is uniquely aware of the broader stakes of her success—for other women, for black people, for black women, and for America at large—and this knowledge is as much an inspiration as it is a heavy weight." The Atlantic

#7 Pink (Netflix)

A drama about privilege, power, courage and fighting back because when a woman says "no" she means "no". No matter what culture, country or language. She has the right to govern her own body and sexuality.

Do YOU have any suggestions for best movies about women, courage and bravery? Let me know how you liked these.