A Little Soap Goes a Long Way

I don't think I need to tell you what a tragic week it has been for refugees, immigrants, the Canadian Muslim community and people all over the world. 

Our thoughts and prayers go to the individuals and families affected by those who were gunned down at a Quebec City mosque on Sunday night.

To those who have been delayed and maybe even denied finding freedom from oppression, murder and other ravages of war by the US Executive Order on Immigration, we want you to know that we stand with you as Canadians who will speak loudly for the world to hear. We oppose intolerance wherever and whenever we see it.

Promoting stories that stand in contrast to every lie that is being perpetuated about refugees and immigrants is a powerful tool for us to use. We need to share positive stories of refugees and immigrants as widely as we can. We need to stop the fear by sharing truth about what Canadians have gained from welcoming refugees and newcomers to Canada.

There are many other ways you can help as well:   

  • Make a donation to one of the several funds that have been set up to help surviving family members
  • Contact a refugee organization to see where your help is needed IE: www.ccrweb.ca www.islamicreliefcanada.org/Refugees   ‎  www.canadahelps.org/‎     

On another note...as this is the last day of Human Trafficking Awareness Month (2017), I wanted to share a positive experience of another group of oppressed and silenced individuals.

We can do a lot for any group who are victims. Whether it be victims of oppression, abuse, murder or unjust and unlawful use of power...a little bit of soap can go a long way.