So Absurd...It Could Almost Be Funny

We live in a world where sexual assault is dismissed with jokes, excuses, and minimal criminal punishment with time off for "good behaviour" as the price to pay.

Rape culture is an environment where sexual violence is both normalized and excused, and where victims are often blamed for the crimes committed against them.  It includes the objectification of women's bodies and the glamorization of sexual violence, creating a society that disregards women's rights and safety.

Victim blaming is also part of rape culture. Victim blaming reinforces that it is the victim's fault and makes it harder for the victim to come forward and report the assault. There's often confusion around victim blaming and its damaging effects - so just in case you are unsure what it looks like, watch this video.


Be clear: It is never the victim's fault! 

Murder is murder and rape is rape.