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...But Sometimes it Does.

Imagine...a world without violence against women & children.

A world where everyone is safe in their own homes.

A world where everyone is treated with love, kindness, respect and

love doesn't hurt.

A world where individuals, families and communities support

each other.

Go ahead...imagine it.

We Do.


The Violence Prevention Coordinating Council of Durham

works together with community agencies, organizations, business and individuals to prevent and eliminate violence against women in all its forms because we think it can be a REALITY.


Are you in immediate danger? Please call 911.

The VPCC does not have onsite staff and cannot provide immediate or emergency services.

If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, please visit our -

Resources - Crisis Support page.

In non-emergency situations, please see our Member Directory for information

on support services for women, children & seniors.



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